Question: Is divorce legal in Somalia?

What is the age of marriage in Somalia?

Marriage under 18 is not illegal, although Somalias constitution prohibits it and the country is signed up to several international treaties promising to tackle it. In July 2014, the government signed a charter committing to end child marriage by 2020.

What is the average Somali family size?

Average Household Sizeâ–²GeographyAverage Household SizeSolomon Islands5.5Somalian/aSouth Africa3.2SOUTH AMERICA3.3230 more rows

How wealthy is Somalia?

$2.311billion (2019 est.)

Are there sharks in Somalia?

The waters of the Indian Ocean off Somali coast are said to be teeming with thousands of the creatures including large populations of makos, hammerheads and grey sharks. Somalia has now been blighted by over 20 years of instability and civil war.

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