Question: Where is the serial number on a vinyl record?

The serial number of the vinyl record is a great tool for determining a value of vinyl record. These numbers are also called Matrix or Stamper numbers. These numbers are often different from another number. In general, you can find the serial number in the right shows of the records.

What does a vinyl catalog number look like?

What does a catalog number look like. Catalog numbers are mostly composed of mixed letters and numbers sometimes with a “hyphen” symbol included. Cat numbers format varies from record label to record label, as this can be made without any bases from other labels.

What is runout on vinyl?

The Dead Wax or Run-Out Area is the part between the end of the music on the record and the centre label (in the image above the area between the red lines).

What does OG mean in vinyl records?

OG = original = first.

How do I get a catalog number?

Catalog numbers typically are printed on the spine of a CD or DVD and on the back of record sleeves, but you sometimes youll find them in other places on the artwork They might also be found on the CD and the info label on the record or inscribed on the disk itself.

What is a vinyl Catalogue number?

The catalogue number is any number used by the record company to identify a specific recorded sound item for ordering or stock control and sales purposes. Catalogue numbers have been applied to published sound recordings from the earliest commercial releases of cylinders.

How do I know if my vinyl is bootleg?

6 key steps to spot a bootleg vinyl:Look at the quality of the vinyl and compare the definition of the text. Use a micrometer to measure your rare vinyl records dead wax width. Analyse the thickness of your rare vinyl record. The matrix stamp on your original vinyl will be sharp, clear and easily identified.More items •21 Nov 2017

Why is there writing on my vinyl?

Practically since day one, the inside track or runout groove of a vinyl record or 78rpm disc has been the domain of the matrix number, an alphanumerical code either stamped or handwritten into the wax to help pressing plants assign the correct stamper and label to each side of the record.

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