Question: Why are perfectionists unhappy?

Perfectionists tend to be very self-critical and unhappy and suffer from low self-esteem. They can also be lonely or isolated as their critical nature and rigidity can push others away as well. This can lead to lower self-esteem.

Why does perfectionism make you unhappy?

However, when we try to be or act perfect there is an increased chance we will feel these emotions even more. Mainly because perfectionist thinking often leads to self-blame and a faulty belief that we are being judged, shamed, or blamed because we are failing and are not good enough (Brown, 2010).

What is the problem with perfectionists?

Research shows that perfectionistic tendencies predict issues like depression, anxiety and stress – even when researchers controlled for traits like neuroticism. Worsening matters, being self-critical might lead to depressive symptoms but those symptoms then can make self-criticism worse, closing a distressing loop.

Are procrastinators perfectionists?

Since they are putting such pressure on themselves, perfectionists will often procrastinate and not start a project or task because of the fear they have of not being able to achieve perfection. If it cant be done perfectly, they would rather just not start at all.

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