Question: Which is the best definition of an analogy?

Full Definition of analogy 1a : a comparison of two otherwise unlike things based on resemblance of a particular aspect. b : resemblance in some particulars between things otherwise unlike : similarity. 2 : inference that if two or more things agree with one another in some respects they will probably agree in others.

What is ment by analogy?

Definition, Examples of Analogies in Literature. Analogy definition: An analogy is a comparison between two things that are quite different in nature. An analogy often explains a complex subject with one that is simpler or more familiar.

Which of the following is the best definition of an analogy Brainly?

Analogy is the is a similarity between different, but sufficiently similar events, situations, or circumstances.

What is an analogy in simple terms?

An analogy is something that shows how two things are alike, but with the ultimate goal of making a point about this comparison. The purpose of an analogy is not merely to show, but also to explain. For this reason, an analogy is more complex than a simile or a metaphor, which aim only to show without explaining.

What is the definition of analogy in science?

Analogy, in biology, similarity of function and superficial resemblance of structures that have different origins. For example, the wings of a fly, a moth, and a bird are analogous because they developed independently as adaptations to a common function—flying.

What must an analogy include in an informational text?

a figure of speech for a vivid effect. a comparison between two things or ideas. a description that provides a contrast.

What does the word analogy mean as it might be used in informational text?

a comparison that an author uses to show how two things are similar. The word analogy as it might be used in an informational text is a comparison that an author uses to show how two things are similar. This is done in order to either clarify something or to explain better.

Where and when we can use analogy in our life?

Analogy can be used in order to find solutions for the problematic situations (problems) that occur in everyday life. If something works with one thing, it may also work with another thing which is similar to the former.

What is an analogy vs metaphor?

Metaphor is a type of analogy, but where analogy is identifying two things as similar, a metaphor claims a comparison where there may not be one. It is then up to the listener to create meaning out of this comparison. For example “ that sound goes through me like nails down a blackboard”.

What is the function of an analogy in a informational text?

Sternberg, 1970, 1977). Analogy, among other poetic devices, serves to draw the readers attention to the text and its structure. It is used to slow down processing so that the aesthetics of the text may be more prominent, its goal being the deautomatization of ordinary perception.

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