Question: Who is Francie Calfo in the show Alias?

Francine Francie Calfo is a fictional character on the television series Alias, portrayed by Merrin Dungey from 2001–03 and again in 2006. Initially the best friend of lead character Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner), Francie is murdered by a lookalike assassin named Allison Doren, who assumes her identity.

Who is Allison Alias?

Allison Georgia Doren was the doppelganger of Francie Calfo and an assassin who worked under the orders of Arvin Sloane and later Julian Sark. She is most noted for killing Francie in her own restaurant as well as Dixons wife, Diane.

How does Sydney find out about Francie?

Sydney finally confronts her mother, who reveals her true motivation. Sloane, for his part, begins to execute his new grand plan and Will struggles to figure out whos behind his set-up. At the end of the episode, Sydney discovers that Francie is not herself but a genetic duplicate created in Project Helix.

Why did Vaughn and Weiss leave Alias?

IMDb confirmed that Vartan had to step back from the final season of Alias in order to film another project. Abrams confirmed that Vaughn was never meant to stay dead and Vartan was always meant to return for the shows final episodes. Vartans scaled-back role wasnt the only major shakeup for Alias Season 5.

Does Will Tippin die in Alias?

His survival was confirmed in the beginning of the season. In episode 10, Sydney has a dream involving Will and contacts him from inside the protection program.

Is Francie a spy on Alias?

This week, Kelly Connolly remembers an iconic line from the season 2 finale of Alias. Alias, as Buster Bluth knew, was a show about a spy. By the season 2 finale, her best friend Francie (Merrin Dungey) had been replaced by an identical double.

How did Alias series end?

With the series end, it emerges that Sloanes ultimate goal is that of immortality, for which he sacrifices his daughter Nadias life. However, he is trapped in Rambaldis tomb by a critically wounded Jack, who sacrifices himself via a bomb to avenge all the pain Sloane caused Sydney over the years.

How did Emily die in Alias?

Emily Sloane was the wife of Arvin Sloane. She was accidentally killed by Marcus Dixon, during a villa raid in Florence, Italy.

Is Francie dead on Alias?

Francie is murdered and Allison is introduced in Phase One, which aired after Super Bowl XXXVII on January 26, 2003.

Did Charlie cheat on Francie?

While Charlie did tell Francie that he didnt want to get married so soon, he didnt break off the engagement (The Coup). Charlie eventually confessed everything and broke up with Francie (The Coup).

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