Team Members


Michael Valore

Michael ‘FlashX’ Valore is the longest standing member of the Team Solomid Vainglory team. He is the captain of the squad, signing with the organization with his old team Ardent Alliance at the start of spring in 2016. He is a well known veteran of the scene, having competed with what was once known as one of the world’s best teams and achieving high place finishes in several tournaments. He is currently the team’s roamer.


Raul Montano-Chaidez

Raul ‘BestChuckNA’ Montano-Chaidez joined the Team Solomid Vainglory team in the middle of 2016 taking his place as the team’s laner. Chuck has been playing competitively since 2015, previously for Vertigo Black and Gankstars Vega. He is a calculated and highly technical player, and his ability to play aggressively synergizes very well alongside his teammate VONC.


Lechaun Jiao

Lechaun ‘VONC’ Jiao joined the Team Solomid Vainglory team in the middle of 2016 as the team’s jungler. He is a veteran to the Vainglory scene, having competed in North America for the past year. His achievements within the scene include high standing finishes with his old team in the 2015 Winter and 2016 Spring seasons, during which his play has made him known as one of the best junglers in North America.