Question: Where can I find new chat on Omegle?

How do you go to New chat on Omegle?

If youre using a computer, you can opt to use the keyboard to skip to the next person in Omegle. Click Text or Video on the bottom-right. This will match you to a random stranger and start a new text or video chat. Optionally, you can enter some of your interests in the Add your interests box.

Where do I find chat logs on Omegle?

View a Chat Log on Omegle When a conversation on Omegle is complete, both users have the option to save the log. If you opt to save the log, Omegle gives the chat a log ID number and a URL, such as You will need to have this URL to access an old Omegle log.

How do you end a chat on Omegle?

How to end a call on OmegleTo end the call, locate the Stop button in the bottom left corner of the screen.Select the Stop button.Once selected, the button should change to Really? and if you still want to end the call, select the same button for a second time to end it instantly.

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