Question: How many Poruthams are needed?

Originally, 20 poruthams were charted by the sages but today only ten poruthams suffice to come to a decision whether the boy and the girl who wish to marry should go ahead with it or not.

Is Yoni Porutham must marriage?

Yoni Porutham is important because this is the porutham which helps in determining the sexual compatibility between the couple after marriage and forms the basis of the marriage as this is the sole aim in a man and a woman coming together while living together in harmony is secondary.

How many types of Yoni are there?

There are 13 different types of Yoni in Vedic astrology which are useful for the assessment of sexual attraction and sexual repulsion. Yoni also represents, to some extent, the intimate comfort we might share with someone. The Yonis are classified as Animal type.

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