Question: Where do rich people hang out in Tulsa?

What is the richest part of Tulsa Oklahoma?

Most expensive Tulsa neighborhoodsS Utica Ave / E 31st St.S Harvard Ave / E 36th St.Woodward Blvd / Riverside Dr.E 36th St / S Lewis Ave.S Delaware Ave / E 101st St.S Harvard Ave / E 67th St.E 111Th St / S Yale Ave.E Skelly Dr / S Harvard Ave.More items

What is the wealthiest town in Oklahoma?

> Population: 21,793StateRichest TownPopulationOklahomaJenks21,793OregonBethany24,396PennsylvaniaEdgeworth1,596Rhode IslandCumberland Hill8,14246 more rows•Jan 22, 2021

What percentage of Tulsa is Hispanic?

11.6 percent Hispanics make up 11.6 percent of the Tulsa County population. Tulsa County ranks No. 16 in the state in percentage of population that is Hispanic.

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