Question: What do u call someone who isnt your friend?

An acquaintance is someone you know a little about, but theyre not your best friend or anything.

Which word means one who knows you but who is not a close friend?

acquaintance a person known to one, but usually not a close friend. the state of being acquainted or casually familiar with someone or something: As far as I know, no one of my acquaintance has traveled around the world.

Whats below an acquaintance?

WTW for someone who is less than an acquaintance but more than a stranger.: whatstheword.

What do you call someone who was your friend?

A mutual acquaintance is a friend or acquaintance whom you both have in common — i.e. the friend of your friend. Acquaintance is the word youre looking for (as Andy already noted.) By definition, acquaintance refers to a person you know of but are not close to.

What is a peer friend?

Definition. Peer friendships with peers characterized by the mutual experience of: Support and encouragement. Affect (caring, validation) Companionship.

Can a peer be a friend?

Who are the people with whom you spend time? They probably fall into two categories-peers (classmates you may or may not know very well) and friends (those you choose to spend time with). Your peers are people like you in age or grade level.

What are the 3 stages of friendship?

To help Cate figure out how to make new friends, lets look closer at the three main stages of friendship: contact, involvement, and intimacy.

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