Question: Is Isle of Skye beautiful?

The Isle of Skye is one of Scotlands most beautiful landscapes, with such breathtaking scenery that you may feel you that you have entered into another world! Skye is the largest and most northern major island in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland, and features beautiful nature, pools, and hikes for everyone to enjoy.

What is special about Isle of Skye?

The Island of Skye is situated off the West Coast of mainland Scotland. It is the largest and best known of the Inner Hebrides; Skye is renowned for its natural beauty, history and wildlife. is the original and longest running website representing Skye.

How would you describe the Isle of Skye?

Shaped like the outstretched wing of a mystical creature, the Isle of Skye is the largest of Scotlands Inner Hebrides islands, at around 600 square miles. The Cuillin Hills jut dramatically out of the islands center, then radiate outwards.

Why do people visit Skye?

Skye is one of Scotlands top locations to visit for good reason, its simply magical. Take the ferry across from the mainland for the best views and spend your days driving, cycling and walking its twisting roads, its towering peaks, lapping up its stunning scenery and wildlife.

How long should I stay in Isle of Skye?

A minimum of two days is ideal. On a map, the Isle of Skye may look small, but there is a lot to do here. Even if you only have a day to spare, you still have enough time to see the best of the island. Those with three days or more have enough time to cover the majority of the Isle of Skye.

Does it snow in Isle of Skye?

Average temperatures in Isle of Skye vary somewhat. Considering humidity, temperatures feel cold for most of the year with a chance of rain or snow throughout most of the year.

Can you see the Northern Lights from the Isle of Skye?

Isle of Skye Skye is home to no less than nine Dark Sky Discovery Sites making it one of the best places in Scotland for stargazing, as well as hunting for the northern lights.

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