Question: How to stay safe while dating, Womens safety, first date?

What are 3 ways to stay safe on a first date?

The 7 dos and donts of staying safe on a first dateDo tell someone you trust about your date plans. Do meet in a public place. Do pre-plan your route home. Do take your mobile phone. Dont leave your drink unattended. Dont meet at your house or workplace. Do leave if you feel uncomfortable.Jun 21, 2019

What are some safety guidelines you should follow while dating?

Below are 15 of their top tips.Dont Give a Stranger Personal Deets. Dont Give out Your Number too Early. Dont Post Identifying Info. Avoid Specifics. Meet in Public for the First Few Dates. Always Pick the Place. Tell People About the Date. Watch Your Alcohol (Literally).More items •Sep 10, 2016

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