Question: Is Chloe ferry in a relationship?

Hollyoaks Soap Scoop! Hollyoaks star Owen Warner and Geordie Shores Chloe Ferry have appeared to confirm that they are in a relationship.

Who is Chloe ferry in a relationship with now?

Sam Gowland Chloe Ferry/Partner

Is Chloe ferry in a relationship with Wayne Lineker?

Discussing their relationship, Wayne said: Chloe and I are good friends. Weve got an arrangement, but what she does, shes good to do that, and what I do, Im good to do that. Wayne went on: But we still see each other, and well see what happens in the future.

What age is Chloe ferry?

26 years (August 31, 1995) Chloe Ferry/Age

What does Chloe Ferry do for a living?

Television presenter Film actor Chloe Ferry/Professions

Are Shannon and Charlie still together?

Charlie and Shannon are not together anymore. Shannon has taken a break from the show and will not return for series 7.

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