Question: Why cancers are the worst sign?

Cancer is the most hated zodiac sign because of its personality traits when expressed to the extreme. For example, insecurity issues that stem from a Cancers need to feel secure or their tendency to be moody, vindictive, and very pessimistic. The fourth sign in the zodiac is overly emotional.

What is bad about Cancer zodiac sign?

While we all have grudges from others one time or the other, a Cancerian can Really hold a grudge. They will never forget who hurt them, even if it was years ago! It is hard to classify a Cancerian as a particular type of person because they are way too complicated and unpredictable.

Why are Cancers so annoying?

Cancers are known to be nurturing and caring. However, with all the work a Cancer puts into their friendships they want a mutual feeling of caring and respect. But not everyone can give a person that, which makes Cancer annoying to them. Cancers also want to know the answers to everything.

Are Cancers quiet?

If you know a Cancer, you know how shy they can be. Because of how sensitive Cancer is, they tend to be shy or defensive around new people. Others might see them as quiet or timid due to this. However, once they trust you enough to let their guard down, youll find that Cancers are actually quite social and talkative.

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