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What are the four ways rock layers can be disturbed?

Folding, tilting, faults, intrusions, and unconformities all disturb rock layers. Sometimes, a single rock body may have been disturbed many times.

How are sedimentary rock layers deposited quizlet?

Sedimentary rocks form when new sediments are deposited on top of older rocks. As more sediment is added, it is compressed and hardens into rock layers. What causes sediment to be deposited in rock layers that are horizontal? Gravity causes sediments to be deposited.

What are 5 ways rock layers can be disturbed?

Five ways that the order of rock layers can be disturbed is by folding, tilting, faults, intrusions and by unconformities.

How are the sedimentary rock layers deposited?

Sediment transport and deposition Sedimentary rocks are formed when sediment is deposited out of air, ice, wind, gravity, or water flows carrying the particles in suspension. This sediment is often formed when weathering and erosion break down a rock into loose material in a source area.

Why do rock layers not line up?

However, many layered rocks are no longer horizontal. Because of the Law of Original Horizontality, we know that sedimentary rocks that are not horizontal either were formed in special ways or, more often, were moved from their horizontal position by later events, such as tilting during episodes of mountain building.

What are the different types of intrusive rock bodies?

Three common types of intrusion are sills, dykes, and batholiths (see image below).

What are the layers of sedimentary rock called?

Rock layers are also called strata (the plural form of the Latin word stratum), and stratigraphy is the science of strata.

What are examples of sediments?

Examples include: breccia, conglomerate, sandstone, siltstone, and shale. Chemical sedimentary rocks form when dissolved materials preciptate from solution. Examples include: chert, some dolomites, flint, iron ore, limestones, and rock salt.

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