Question: Who is Zach Braff dating now?

Are Florence and Zach still together?

Florence Pugh and Zach Braff have been together for over 2 years. Pugh has defended Braff after the couple received criticism for their over 20-year age difference. The couple is private about their relationship, but they seem to be living together in California.

Are Alex and Zach still dating 2021?

Zach and Alex have been together since November of 2017, which the relationship came to an end in 2021. They are at odds with each other in some videos aswell as showing their love for each other with gifts, and of course their affection in many videos.

Why was season 9 of Scrubs so bad?

Considered by most to be somewhat of a cult classic, the sitcom officially came to an end in 2010. While most of the series is comedy gold, Season 9, the last season, was the series worst due to poor execution, new characters and the show already feeling complete in Season 8.

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