Question: Is TWOO a dating app?

Twoo is a relatively popular dating site that lets its users meet new people who are within their area. It doesnt restrict itself to dating alone. It functions as a social networking site as well where you can meet new friends.

How do I get rid of TWOO?

If you would like to call the quits on Two, you can unsubscribe your account by following these steps:Head over the Twoo home page.Select Settings by clicking the drop down box on the top right corner.Click Edit on the account section.Click Delete account on the account status.

How do I permanently delete TWOO?

To delete your Twoo account: (1) Click the three dots next to your avatar (top right) to go to the dropdown menu. (2) Navigate to Settings. (3) In the “Account” section at the top of the Settings page, click the Edit icon. (4) Next to “Account status”, click Delete account.

Is Twoos a Scrabble word?

Yes, twos is in the scrabble dictionary.

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