Question: Which tennis players are married?

Does Novak have a wife?

Jelena Đokovićm. 2014 Novak Djokovic/Wife

Is Novak still married?

Novak Djokovic is married to Jelena Ristic, who also comes from Serbia. The Serbians wife is currently the director of the Novak Djokovic Charity Foundation, which aims to enhance the Serbian education system to improve the lives of children in the country.

Did John McEnroe lose his wife?

John Patrick McEnroe was first married to ex-wife Tatum ONeal, an Academy Award winner and daughter of actor Ryan ONeal. The American tennis player and Oscar-winning actress were married in 1986 before parting ways in 1992. They had three children together: sons Kevin and Sean, and daughter Emily.

How much older is Federers wife?

But their first romantic moment together wouldnt have happened if he wasnt pushed by a fellow Olympian. Roger is four years younger than his wife, so he was intimidated to make a move. “I tried to tell her I was almost 18 and a half because she told me I was so young when she kissed me

What language does Roger Federer speak?

English FrenchGermanSwedishSchwyzerdütsch Roger Federer/Languages Federers first language is Swiss-German and he speaks English, German and French very well. He also speaks some Swedish and Italian. His wife is former tennis player Mirka Vavrinec.

Does Novak Djokovic have children?

Tara Đoković Stefan Đoković Novak Djokovic/Children

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