Question: What is the meaning of date back to?

: to have been made in or to have come into being in (a certain time in the past) They found jewelry dating back to the 1700s.

How do you write a death letter?

Regardless of your choice, condolence letters or notes generally use some or all of the following seven components.Acknowledge the loss and refer to the deceased by name. Express your sympathy.Note one or more of the deceaseds special qualities that come to mind.Include your favorite memory of the deceased.More items

What is the opposite word of date?

What is the opposite of date?enemyfoeopponentgirlfriendmistresshate

Is antedate a word?

verb (used with object), an·te·dat·ed, an·te·dat·ing. to be of older date than; precede in time: The Peruvian empire antedates the Mexican empire.

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