Question: How do I choose a free WordPress theme?

Where can I get WordPress Themes for free?

40 Best Free WordPress Themes 2021Sydney. The Sydney theme is designed for companies and freelancers who want to present a strong online presence. Botiga. Demo. Neve. Zakra. GeneratePress. Astra. OceanWP. Inspiro.More items •Aug 15, 2021

Are there free WordPress Themes?

OceanWP. OceanWP is one of the best free WordPress themes on the market. Its highly flexible and offers multiple free demo sites that you can easily customize to create your website. The theme has multiple post formats and is fully customizable using drag and drop page builders and the live WordPress customizer.

Is WordPress Divi free?

Divi is a WordPress theme available for purchase from Elegant Themes. WordPress offers many free themes, and Divi is a premium theme, meaning that you need to pay to use it.

What are some theme ideas?

Common Theme ExamplesCompassion.Courage.Death and dying.Honesty.Loyalty.Perseverance.Importance of family.Benefits of hard work.More items

Is Divi too slow?

Divi is slow because it adds extra CSS and JavaScript to your site which can flag multiple issues in Lighthouse and other testing tools. Divis recommended hosting and extra Divi plugins can also hinder load times.

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