Question: Are there any group dating apps for men?

Is there a Tinder for groups?

While Tinder isnt technically a group blind date app, they do offer a cool feature, Tinder Social, that makes it really easy to bring people together. All you have to do is switch to Social mode on the app, swipe right on groups you like and left on those you dont, share your plans for the night, and then go do them!

How do I meet guys online?

Inside his mind: Five tips to find the good guys onlineUse the right sites. Your choice of online dating site can make a huge difference in the type of guys youre going to meet. Approach guys. Ask revealing questions. Create a list. More dates, less investment.7 Aug 2013

Why did Tinder groups get removed?

In August 2017, Tinder removed its Tinder Social feature (also known as “Tinder groups”) from the app. According to a statement from Tinder, the Tinder Social feature didnt “fit cleanly within [Tinders] future direction.”

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