Question: Why settle for less when you deserve the best?

Choosing the path of least resistance is our go-to instinct. Its more favorable to take the easy route in most situations because lets face it: We have too much going on in our lives as is to bother suffocating ourselves with unnecessary challenges.

Why do I settle for less than I deserve?

Sometimes we settle for less than we deserve in relationships because of self-esteem issues or insecurities—and sometimes, we dont even realize were settling. In healthy relationships, youll never feel like youre compromising your values or worth.

What does never settle for less than your best mean?

Never settle for less. means dont let yourself take something worth less than something else, or yourself.

What does it mean if you settle for less?

For instance, if youre in a relationship with this person because youre afraid of being alone, youre feeling peer pressure from those around you, or because you feel obligated to stay because youve been together for a prolonged period of time, youre clearly settling for less in your relationship.

Why do I feel like I dont deserve to be loved?

The triggers for such negative thoughts are wide-ranging, with low self-esteem or a false self-image being the culprits in the majority of cases. Another common reason is a feeling of being worthless or unlovable due to negative experiences with a previous partner or childhood trauma.

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