Question: How do Brazilians get engaged?

Brazilian engagement (noivado) differs from American engagements. Instead of a surprise proposal, the couple typically discusses marriage and decides together. Then they go to the jewelry store to pick out their rings (aliancas). Shortly after announcing the engagement, the couple chooses their attendants.

Can I become a Brazilian citizen by marriage?

Does marrying a Brazilian automatically confer Brazilian citizenship? No. After filing all of your paperwork and one year of marriage to a Brazilian national — plus your permanent residency — it will be possible to apply for naturalization.

What documents are needed to get married in Brazil?

Here is a typical list of documents you can expect to be asked to provide:Your passport & your Brazilian partners ID.Proof of residence (you and your partner)Birth certificate (your and your partner)Proof of divorce (if youve been married before)More items

How long is Brazilian citizenship?

It is not possible to accurately specify the time for the Brazilian nationality to be deferred, the Brazilian naturalization process usually takes, on average, 3 to 6 months, depending on the number of cases and the availability of the Federal Police itself.

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