Question: How many points do you get for Romancing Ashley?

Romancing Ashley in the first place during Mass Effect 1 gets you +2 Points. Sparing the Council at the end of Mass Effect 1 gets you +1 Point. Sacrificing the Council gets you -1 Point. If Kirrahe died in Mass Effect 1 and Thane died in Mass Effect 2, you get -2 Points.

Can we talk Ashley Mass Effect?

How to Begin a Romance with Ashley in Mass Effect. In Mass Effect, Ashley will be available as a squadmate for Shepard starting in the Prologue, once Shepard and Kaidan find her on Eden Prime. Once Shepard wakes up back aboard the Normandy, he can speak to Ashley and should make sure to thank her for her help.

How do you get Ashley me3?

If you didnt shoot Ashley during the cut-scene with ambassador Udina, then you will meet her while trying to return to the Normandy and you will be presented with a choice. You can allow Ashley to join admiral Hacketts team (she will become a war asset) or you can ask her to return to the Normandy as a crew member.

Can you save Ashley and Kaiden?

While these are the background choices, the bigger focus is that you have to choose to save Kaidan or Ashley. Because youre the commander, you have to make a clear decision about this moment, and unfortunately, theres no way you can pick to save them both.

How do you save Ashley re4?

When aiming, be sure that you target the very ends of the belts—if you shoot the belts in the middle, youll hit Ashley as well. Once youve freed Ashley, a number of not-zombies will slowly march towards her. Equip your rifle and take aim at them before they get to her.

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