Question: Why is it good to have a good relationship with your doctor?

A good relationship fosters better communication, which improves diagnosis. It also encourages people to tell their doctors about symptoms they might not otherwise disclose, says the studys lead author Dr. John Kelley, a psychologist at Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital.

Why is it important to build a relationship with your doctor?

Patients with a strong doctor-patient relationship often benefit from better disease control and improvements in overall health. Having a primary care physician who knows you, and your health history, helps the doctor give you personalized healthcare recommendations.

What are the advantages of a good doctor-patient relationship?

Good doctor-patient relationship has benefits for both patients and practitioners. For patients, their enablement, compliance with medication and satisfaction increases [3-5] and for doctors, both the clinical decision-making process and disclosure of psychosocial problems are facilitated [6,7].

How can I have a better relationship with my doctor?

7 Ways to Build a Better Relationship with Your DoctorBe prepared for the appointment. Use the time with your doctor wisely. Bring a companion to your appointment. Be honest with your physician. Be sure you understand your care plan. Communicate with your physician. Follow your care plan.10 Aug 2015

Why is it important to trust your doctor?

Trust may even have therapeutic value, enhancing the efficacy of prescribed treatment. Most importantly, trust in the doctor caring for them is of great importance to patients. Patients who trust their doctors rate their care more favorably, as demonstrated by Keating et al.

Is it normal to like your doctor?

Dehn (whose really informative--and fun to read--health blog is worth checking out) says, as crazy as it sounds, its normal to develop a crush on your doctor. Many of us can be lulled into a romantic attraction by their warm, empathetic and caring concern, she explains.

How do you tell if your doctor hates you?

10 Signs Your Doctor Isnt Listening to YouThey interrupt you. They ask close-ended questions from a checklist. Theyre distracted by electronic devices. They act rushed. Theyre fidgeting. They have a different agenda. They dismiss your symptoms. They order unnecessary tests.More items •8 Apr 2016

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