Question: Why is investment banking stressful?

Investment Banker (M&A or capital markets professional) The main reason is that investment bankers are confronted with the two main triggers for career stress: the difficulty of the work coupled with the sheer amount of it, particularly for analysts and associates and despite banks attempts to mitigate the strain.

How do investment banks handle stress?

Five stress coping mechanisms to become a zen-like investment Clear your head, reboot your mind.Humanise your barking boss.Take the higher ground.Dont manage your frustrations down.Dont wallow in failures.16 Nov 2017

Is investment banking job hectic?

The work gets hectic only after lunch as you get the list of works to be done through the day. Time would be majorly spent on going through the pitch books, creating deal models, working on numerous comparable transaction alternatives.

Are investment banking hours really that bad?

Yes, investment banking hours, especially in your first year or two, are always bad (think: 70-80 hours in the office per week). For context, Goldman Sachs hires hundreds of IB Analysts each year, and there are several thousand IB Analysts at all banks worldwide.

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