Question: How long have you been married to a farmer?

How long does it take to get a wife in farmers dynasty?

2nd: I Talked to the women about once every 2 days to make sure the timer actually resets. I heard you can only compliment them once per real hour. Since 1 game hour is about 5 minutes, that means 12 hours in game you can talk to the ladies.

What is a farmers wife called?

woman farmer; country woman; farmers wife.

How many years does it take to become a farmer?

A minimum of a bachelors degree in the agricultural field and four years of farming experience are also required to obtain this credential.

What does your wife do in Farmers dynasty?

Using any raw food youve stored in your pantry, your wife will cook several Tier 3 meals a day, which will then appear down in the pantry. Talking to your wife (novel concept that) and asking how shed doing, will get her to tell you things about the farm.

What does the wife do in Farmers dynasty?

- Wife can cook 3rd level (delicious) meals if there are ingredients in the pantry. Farmers Dynasty is back for purchase!

Whats a female farmer called?

Farmerette Farmerette | Definition of Farmerette by Merriam-Webster.

What is the name of a female farmer?

The term farmerette means a girl or woman working on a farm (I would imagine as in hired help).

What happened to Farmers dynasty?

Most of you have noticed the store page of Farmers Dynasty is down and the game is currently not available for purchase. There have been some speculations and rumors and we have to apologize that it took a while to have the following information ready. A competitor officially filed a DMCA case.

How long does it take crops to grow in farmers dynasty?

Crops are right around two months. Perhaps a upwards of a couple days more. A crop wouldnt grow in time for September harvest if planted in August. I think Ive seen you can plant as early as August 4 for spring harvest.

What do female farmers do?

Women are of vital importance to rural economies. Rearing poultry and small livestock and growing food crops, they are responsible for some 60% to 80% of food production in developing countries. In many farming communities, women are the main custodians of knowledge on crop varieties.

What is the gender of farmer?

Theres a strong ideological connotation of the word farmer as someone with a masculine identity. Here a male farmer examines wheat seed in Mexico. Peter Lowe/CIMMYT.

Who is a famous farmer?

Joel Salatin is known around most agricultural circles as the most famous farmer in the world and is the purveyor and owner of Polyface Farms in Swoope, Virginia.

What is gender of farmer?

Farmers are male and farmerettes are female.

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