Question: Has anyone from married at First Sight Australia lasted?

Not only have they stayed together, but Cam actually made history by proposing to Jules in the pairs final vows. Since then, the couple have gone on to marry – they wed in Sydney in November 2019 and Heidi served as one of Jules bridesmaids, with the pair being the first ever MAFS Australia couple to legally wed.

How many couples are still together from married at First Sight Australia?

Of the 72 matches made by the experts, only five have managed to go the distance and are still together. One of those couples are even legally married so it goes to show that a reality TV show can change lives. So who are the lucky couples? Season twos Erin and Bryce are the longest lasting MAFS couple.

Has anyone lasted on Married at First Sight?

You would think a reality show where people marry strangers would have an abysmal success rate, but surprisingly, many of the cast of couples featured on Married at First Sight are still married. Since 2014, the show has matched and married 25 couples so far with the help of relationship experts.

Who is still together from mafs Australia 2020?

The pair are now parents after having their first child in October 2020. Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli have also stuck it out. The pair finalised their vows in the season 6 finale and are still together two years after the show was filmed.

Are Martha and Jessica still friends?

But in the three years since the show was filmed in 2018, the group have seemingly grown apart from all angles. Not only was Melissa not a bridesmaid at Jules and Cams wedding (despite being asked on the show), but Martha recently revealed she isnt friends with Jess and Ines anymore, either.

Do couples really get married on married at First Sight Australia?

While marriages on MAFS Australia arent real, the weddings on the UK version of the show are legal. According to Heart, the couples each sign a marriage licence immediately after the ceremony. However precautions are taken and the contestants are required to sign a prenuptial agreement.

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