Question: Where can I sell Fenton Glass?

Many Fenton items are being sold on eBay and Facebook. See the article below. If you have a larger collection, then you could consider an auction. One of the most experienced Fenton auctioneers is Randy Clark Auctions in Dexter City, Ohio.

Is Fenton Glass Co still in business?

After three auctions scheduled in May and June for tools, fixtures and other items, the factory will be demolished later this year to make room for a new school. Fenton said the Fenton Art Glass Co. is no longer active. factory operated for over a century in Williamstown, before closing in 2011.

Is Fenton Depression glass?

Depression Glass Fenton Art Glass.

What is Fenton hobnail glass?

Fenton introduced its hobnail glass in 1939. The popular glassware appeared similar to the earlier Victorian “dewdrop glass.” As Fentons 1967 catalog noted, the term “hobnail” came from the hobnails on the American pioneers hobnailed boots. Fenton offered hobnail vases and other pieces in nine solid colors.

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