Question: Should I tell my girlfriend I was engaged before?

Answer: Yes, but let it come up naturally. Dont lead off with the Theres something I have to tell you preamble. If you give gravitas to the word ex-fiancée, your new love interest will be worried.

Should I tell her im married?

Tell her as honestly, but as gently as possible. And then tell her you never meant to hurt her, and that you want to try make your marriage work. Tell her you got caught up in the moment, then didnt know how to fix it after it went too far.

How do you know when a woman is engaged?

If you are in a social setting and she has her arms crossed and does not maintain eye contact, she may not be interested in having a conversation with you. In contrast, if she is touching your arm or leg during the conversation, it is a good sign that she is engaged in the conversation.

How do you know if youre ready to be engaged?

Heres how you know if youre ready to get engaged:You Know The Things You Dont Like About Your Partner. You Like Who You Are When Youre With Them. Youve Gone Over Dealbreakers. You Both Really, Genuinely Want To Get Married. Youre Grateful For Each Other. Your Trust And Communication Game Is On Point.More items •25 Sep 2017

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