Question: Why do some people say its better not to date at all?

Is it better to not date?

Dating when you are not attached to anything in your life is extremely dangerous because you will feel drawn towards the most toxic relationship and you will develop codependency with the new partner. When you cant be on your own, you will hold onto the wrong relationship out of fear and desperation.

What are some reasons not to date?

So here are 7 dumb reasons to not date someone, or to break up.#1: The colour of their skin. #2: Being too busy. #3: Not wanting someone with baggage. #4: Saying you want to date a friend but writing off all your friends. #5: Physical appearance. #6: Refusing to go first.More items •19 Jul 2020

Is it OK to not date for a while?

But being single and not dating is a totally healthy lifestyle choice, too it just isnt one thats often represented in our culture. Society puts a lot of pressure on singles to settle down and find The One, but the truth is that you should never feel obligated to pursue a romantic relationship for any reason.

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