Question: Should I extend Bumble match?

So basically, there is no real downside of using Bumble Extend. You can only win with it and get more conversations starting up, so the answer to the original question is: yes, it is definitely worth using Bumble Extend.

When should I extend my bumble match?

Women in opposite gender matches are able to activate Extend before they send the first message, while men in opposite gender matches can use Extend if the first move hasnt been made within the first 24 hours. Folks in same-gender connections are able to Extend at any time before someone makes the first move.

Can you extend a bumble match after it expires?

Expired matches will appear in the app again, so dont worry - youll get another chance to match with them. We believe in second chances! You can also Rematch with expired connections instantly with a subscription to Bumble Boost or Bumble Premium.

Is Bumble extend creepy?

Its not creepy. If you really like the match you can do it. That said, most of the time its pointless. Girls go through your profile properly once they have matched.

How many times can I extend on Bumble?

First, you cant extend the same match more than once. Second, you only get one match extension every 24 hours. If you use your daily extend, but then swipe soon after and get new matches, you might want to set a timer or reminder for when your daily extend is back so that you can use it as soon as possible.

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