Question: What do ENTJs need in a relationship?

ENTJs are typically ambitious and may spend a lot of time at work or otherwise pursuing career success. They often need a partner who is independent and supportive of their goals. ENTJs value a partner who respects and appreciates their competence, intelligence, and effectiveness.

What is the best match for ENTJ?

INTP From the MBTI perspective, the best match for ENTJs is deemed to be INTP. This personality is the most likely to respond to ENTJs need for intellectual advancement and growth. Plus, INTP would gladly allow their ENTJ partner to lead and direct.

Are all ENTJs rich?

In a previous post, we noted that of all the personality types, ESTJs and ENTJs were, on average, the highest earners. In fact, these two types out-earn some of the other types by almost two to one. This finding has been duplicated by another survey which found ENTJ households had the highest income of all.

Can ENTJ be quiet?

ENTJs can actually be rather picky about the people they like and let into their worlds. This is something that definitely causes some people to believe they are introverts when they notice this behavior. ENTJs can certainly be outgoing and unafraid of interacting, but they dont enjoy dealing with certain people.

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